Sub-Log 13

Tip 3 for Writers

Making the decision to give your book away for free can be daunting especially when you think of all the work you’ve put into your creation. Whatever you choose you need to be comfortable at some level to do this. I have chosen to give my first book away for free but only because I have a long progressive series that I have already written.

Tip 3 for Writing

If you are writing a single book then it may be best to ensure that it is a single book – tidy up all those sub-plots and anything you’ve raised in the story, in other words – round it out. If you think you might extend the book then at least tell your readers that either there is an overarching plot or that each book may be read without having to start with the first book. The message here is simple – tell your readers what to expect! There is no right or wrong way in how you present your story, as long as it’s clear what your intentions are.

Blog Bit

Well, as I’ve said in the tip for writers I have chosen to give Log 1 Matter | Antimatter away for free. It’s available now at two locations as ebooks only at the moment.


Amazon US

Amazon AU

Amazon UK

That’s it really. I found both Smashwords and Amazon very easy to use but it did take a while to format my actual document. I do recommend you download and follow the instructions step by step because my conversions were accepted quickly and with no errors. That was due to the great formatting guide at Smashwords.

Anyway, if you choose to take a look at my free story I hope you enjoy it or know someone who might.


S. V. Brown

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