Alien Crucible

The premise of the story is based on a heroine, who through questionable decision making, goes on a quest to resolve one question: Does society need a ruler? And if so, who has the right to rule? She submerges into her enemy’s system to learn what she can, and when at the deepest point faces several organized trials. But near the end she tries to emerge.

Alien Crucible is a blend of science fiction and mythology exploring the nature of culture when confronted with change, and then domination. It touches on how technology and magic may not be as different as people think especially when considering the underlying energy exchange, mode of delivery and medium used.

Alien Crucible is an epic that includes fantastical creatures and a reversal on life that shifts from machine technology to return to manipulation of energy systems. The series has military flavors with strong dichotomous themes.

Alien Crucible history begins with the Zantine. Their maker, Anastazja, ensures the race and culture exist as a product of their energy environment rather than forging it to matter and molding animate and inanimate prints and patterns. But when another maker comes and begins to forge life, it adulterates the Zantine, forcing them into a state of change where they can no longer be at one with their world. They become alienated from their environment and are unable to reconcile the two ways to exist. When Monad insists his way is just as acceptable as hers, and she sees so many innocent lives, she feels responsible for them. So, Anastazja gives him a chance to prove his way is superior, emerging herself into his system of things.

The start of the story Matter | Antimatter 1 opens with an event involving a military operative named Jamie, and that event will underpin the entire series. While it will not impact the main story, it will be the key to what she decides regarding her own rule.