Sub-Log 12

Tip 2 for Writers – if, like me, you are editing your own work it pays to try different ways to remove yourself from what I call “creative fog”. I like to edit in the morning when I’m fresh. And then I create stuff using Photoshop for my series later in the day. During the final stages of editing I make my text large so I focus on each sentence rather than the context. I never edit during the draft stages as it pulls me out of my comforting creative fog. 

Tip 2 for Writing – It’s a good idea to write in one genre for a time. Each genre has a set of rules and while it’s not critical to keep to the rules, it’s a good idea to understand them in order to be smart about how you break them. Another reason it might be good to keep to one genre for a time is for your fans-they will come to expect certain things from you. Once you have explored that genre, and satisfied your fans, then try something else.

Blog Bit

I’m finalizing Log 1 Matter | Antimatter of the Alien Crucible with “spit and polish”-not really spit, but certainly polish! I’m finishing up my marketing cards as well to use on my website and twitter accounts. I’ve completed two solid edits for Log 2 and booked in my proofreader for that already.

I’m looking into, the Amazons-of course, and Thorpe-Bowker as the Australian ISBN agency who offer a range of additional services – I’ll need them for the printed version of the logs. I’m also going to upload my book into Lulu – this is their story:

Whatever else you do, have fun with your writing!

See ya,

S. V. Brown

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