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First Contention – Alien Anchorage

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Matter | Antimatter 1

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When you win a war, you become the conqueror. But what if you won and you submitted instead? She was called many things but her alter ego’s words affected her the most. He said, “You have betrayed the Zantine, but you have also betrayed yourself, Anastazja, and into the cesspit of madness you drag us all.” The Zantine had lived alone in the void before Monad forged a dichotomous world using mathematical scales. He ruined them. He made Chaos Beings who he had to incarcerate. Not all his fabrications were a failure, but still the resulting war led to the Alien Crucible. And for the Zantine? Well, they faced dread and duty.

Matter | Antimatter 1 Jamie is one of many contaminated beings, trapped in the Alien Crucible. He is a military operative who suffered a childhood trauma. The execution of the offender is a small part of Anastazja’s log 1 but it creates a conundrum that underpins the fate of all contaminants. Matter is rising, antimatter is the key, and Jamie is drawn into a genocide dispute for the dichotomous scale Matter | Antimatter.