Planet of Law

In Log 1 Matter | Antimatter the Planet of Law becomes the center of attention when Pure-Gens (Aryans with high matter and energy levels) are called to make a vote. It is due to matter levels that have continued to rise in Iota space and need to be dealt with. The Planet of Law is situated in the Cradle, above normal space, in another dimension. Only Pure-Gens can survive in this dimension.

The Planet of Law is the legal powerhouse for all Aryan Society. It blankets all those who live in Iota, including the Pure-Gen queens who are linked to Maya, and the kings. In Aryan Society queens rule regionally with province kings attached to them depending upon their rank. Warlords protect the queens, work with the kings and guard the Planet of Law and all the Cradle.

All space-time within Iota is set to Planet of Law time, it is the planet of origin for how Aryans consider time and space in Iota incorporating all dimensions. Like many planets it is a beautiful world with blue skies and bountiful lands. Many Pure-Gens live and work there full time. The planet also has lodgings, recreational activities and entertainment for visiting Pure-Gens. In times of voting the planet can sustain all Pure-Gens for a short period of time.

When Ara visits there to cast her vote she is amazed at her surroundings and lodgings assigned to her. Jamie, her guard, has undergone a temporary procedure that involved being bombarded with matter and energy so that he can continue his Sentinel duties. Both are intrigued with the planet and Aryans most sacred artefacts, the Triad. Korbet, an Aryan Pure-Gen with a secret, lives and works on PoL as a lawyer. He also helps guard Ara by working from a legal angle using the resources on the planet.