Between the Sheets

A new series – erotica comedy

Red Satin


Admin worker Kelly wants the ‘O’ back in orgasm. She and Jeff have been together for over ten years and while they have plenty of sex, they have fallen prey to most deadly of all ruts – the routine. Jeff, a builder and local footy player, agrees to go with her to a sheet shop. It’s a mysterious shop with the ability to improve sexual encounters – but only if you buy a pack of sheets that includes a copy of the rules. When shop owners, Casinova and Jessabel, purr during their visit and stroke the sheets, Jeff decides it’s all a practical joke especially when they call him “Dom”. Dom? Who the f is that? Jeff thinks, seeing Kelly’s baffled look. Will Kelly get the ‘O’ back? She’s obeyed rule one “All parties who require sexistance must be present in the shop” but as for the rest of the rules time will tell especially since Jeff is on a sh*t stirring roll.

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