Kingdoms Away

When Al Reos leaves a ruined Earth he makes a decision that will follow him through the ages. It affects his descendants until the last is born – Serafina Reos, the only female. Upon her shoulders lay all his sins and she must make a decision that will ultimately bring life in the Joiran Cluster back full circle. Will she undo the thousands of years that has been carried out to complete her ancestor’s work to protect the Joirans from an ancient enemy, the Sharith, or will she make a decision against the good of the many?

Kingdoms Away 1 of 3 Serafina lives on Aislant, the Ice Planet of the Heikaves. When she discovers her brother, Thon, is keeping a dark secret her world begins to turn. Unknowingly she is drawn into the overpowering web of her ascendant, Al Reos. Nothing can save her from having to face the awful truth: she can no longer ignore who she is.

Kingdoms Away 2 of 3 The Heikavian people must make a painful decision: peace or war? For Ky the decision is easy and is transformed, forcing his people back to the old ways where they were once known as the Black Warriors of Ta’ren, a race that even the Sharith feared.

Kingdoms Away 3 of 3 When a message is sent by the Sharith it triggers an all stop where Serafina’s followers balance precariously in ambivalence, weighing up loyalty, learning of deception and making the final decision: for the good of the many or the few?