Sub-Log 14

Tip 4 for Writers

How are we shaped by culture? In almost every way we are affected by both nature and nurture. Our genes are programmed for certain traits and our upbringing, social mores, and human influences do the rest. As writers this may be useful when not only setting yourself up as a writer but for the characters and worlds you build or represent in your story.

Ask yourself – what sort of writer do you want to be and be known as? Once you know this it will help with your motivations and overall satisfaction.

Tip 4 for Writing

Our world is filled with so many fiction stories, myths, legends etc., and yes, even facts, it’s a smorgasbord of inspiration. Once you tap into one or a few of those and begin to design your story (keeping in mind you write from a certain perspective shaped by your cultural experiences) the trick is to connect to your readers. Making believable worlds and/or characters and/or use contemporary issues and/or create something recognizable for your readers to latch on to.

There’s so much to learn, remember, and apply to writing it can feel impossible!

Blog Bit

I tweeted a comment that I found the experience of getting my book ‘out there’ interesting. I used to love the business end of things when I was younger while other times I’d dream of being discovered and just being able to focus on writing. Don’t we all?

I think we’ve all gone down the Walter Mitty path!

After I felt my book was ready, and more importantly I decided the pricing and my business plan*, I set about consolidating my previous research and began to create accounts, read terms and conditions, compare services, sign up and then – just do it! I prepared my document – the word doc – and uploaded it. I added in the author and book details to three distributer sites. When it went live I expected either exaltation or a sense of loss. What I felt was a sense of satisfaction that I was simply on a new path, a new level to my writing life.

*My business plan – first book for free, get the next two out cheap, fourth book will be the push. I can think ahead like this because my series of 18 logs are completed and I feel Log 4 will appeal to a greater audience. It’s the start of Nine Function Tests (challenges) that my main character, Ara, must train for and participate while Jamie is by her side the whole time.

My business model – write in one genre for a time = science fiction. Create a brand = Alien Crucible. Create a style, motif, theme – logs, dichotomies, military (overt and covert operations).

I didn’t just sit down and plan all the business stuff first. I had written most of the stories and then decided on an overarching plot. I wanted a science fiction parallel to mythological ideals. Will it work? Will readers like it? Don’t know yet, but I’ve enjoyed it and in the end that’s what counts. It would be a bonus if others enjoy the brand too :p

My mashed sayings:

iWriter is critic to iWriter

I love writing but writing doesn’t always love me


S. V. Brown

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