Convergence Book 1

Why do the good guys always win? And what’s so good about them anyways? Scalice’s heart just wasn’t in the last major battle and he knows it’s time for a change. It’s time for Aldrea’s ‘undesirables’ to work in the fields and stop playing in the battlefields. Life wasn’t supposed to be fun all the time.

Jorja is fed up with red tape and protocol. She’s sick of the ‘good’ guys pretending to be ‘good’. She’s sick of the ‘bad’ guys getting away with murder. So, she befriends Scalice and together she helps him and his team learn protocol, table etiquette, dancing, sex techniques and occupational health and safety. They must learn how the ‘real’ military operates and what the blue and green buttons do.

And then the fun begins as they not only fight with bureaucrats internally but fight against an enemy which will turn the League Military against the League of Galaxies. Nobody wants GW2 but a galactic war is brewing…

**Adult Content from here

Chapter 1