S. V. Brown’s StoryLetter


I’m not listening to advice that I should have a sign up thingy.

This here will be the StoryLetter – you’ll get updates on my story releases, writing processes and stories I’m working on (more detail than my blog bits), you might get some writing tips or links to helpful sites, what else? um, you might get some info on science fiction stuff – nothing heavy I’m afraid but I’ll talk about one of my ‘technologies’ and where I obtained the idea from, there will be pictures of stuff and mostly to do with the storyletter, quick social media inetworking and links (what I’m doing on my twitter, facebook, and AC sites), I like themes so probably expect that, let’s see … I might try and run a competition if I get enough people, a little fiction story, and aside from that why not contact me with what you’d like to see?

Summing up StoryLetter

  • Story releases
  • Writing processes
  • Story updates
  • Origins of imagined technologies
  • Fiction pieces
  • Links to my other social media activity all in one location
  • Competitions
  • Stuff you ask for (within reason)

Aside from the StoryLetter that will come once every one or two months.

Thanks for reading!

S. V. Brown

P. S. 7:21:55 PM Image by Dr. Andrew Cole, University of Tasmania, Australia, H127 Telescope. This image is the NGC 1851 globular cluster in the constellation Columba.