What is a drabble?

What is its purpose? If you are a fan of Monty Python you may have guessed that 1) LC is a fan 2) the drabble has its origins in zany comedy as who else would try to create a short story of exactly 100 words? Of course there are some debates over how hyphenated words are to be treated. As far a Lone Creature is concerned if your word count in your word program says ‘100’(title excluded) that’s good enough for us! Drabbles may have originated with Monty Python but many famous authors attempted drabbles and then tried other crazy ideas like 55ers, 69ers and even mini-sagas of 50, no, 8 words (50 words was considered too verbose by some). Drabbles, and other nanofiction stories, are all complete stories with at least one character and have a plot. Hint: try leaving out adjectives and adverbs when writing a drabble.

Why write drabbles?

Lone Creature presents this series of drabbles (nanofiction) for your reading pleasure but to also encourage writers to try it. Writing drabbles of exactly 100 words is an excellent way to learn to write succinctly. If you want to share a drabble or a series of drabbles let me know!

100 Word Stories


The Foolish King



Time War

The Hunt


Dark Soul