Sub-Log 11

Tip 1 for Writers – if you are stuck or tired take a break from your story or chapter or scene to clear your head. Write another chapter or scene, write freely (anything that comes to mind), listen to music and run scenarios (my fave), read the thing you are stuck on before you go to sleep, get some fresh air but make sure you have something to write on or with!

Tip 1 for Writing – Whether you are starting your story or well into your story remember that we tend to write from our cultural perspective. If you want to stretch those ideals, or enhance/change/flavour them, or even develop a whole new culture, it pays to really understand the ideas, customs, and social behaviours in your society first and what makes it tick. You can even bring that closer to home for your characters and use yourself as a baseline.

Blog Bit

It’s getting close to releasing Log 1 Matter | Antimatter of the Alien Crucible.

I’ve reworked and polished it and it’s come back from the proofreader. Next week I’ll run through the corrections, read it once more, and then it’s ready to upload. Until then, I’m having a break – something I suggest all authors do when working on a story for some time – and working on Log 2 Pass | Fail.

I’m on the road now to making few changes within the series. What I mean is, now each book has become a single organism, any changes I make can only move forward. Prior to this moment I was working back and forward making the story as consistent as I could. It’s a little nerve wracking as I hope I don’t end up adding anything that will have serious ramifications for the story later in the series.

I’m working on marketing and quote cards to use on twitter but mostly I’m designing a number of images to add to my aliencrucible website – bonus material and for those who like pictures 🙂

Aside from that I’ll plod away!

For those who are ready to upload and launch their stories – all the best.


S. V. Brown

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