Sub-Log 10

About Me.

I’m a private person but I also want to connect to people “out there”.

I had a dream — once — to become an independent publisher and that was well before the whole indie stuff took off which is why I started the Lone Creature TM business. But sickness drove me well away from that dream. I slogged and returned to full-time work for over two years (Australian Red Cross in Migration Support and then Emergency Services), I left, and now I’ve diverted myself to writing — full-time — offering writing tips, and reviews instead.

On my better days, less sickness and kookiness re-claimed, I’m an avid writer of soft science fiction. I’ve written (not writing) 18 * 100k books in a progressive sequential series. Each book does have a major sub-plot that is resolved. The series has an overarching plot, and I also have strong themes and motif.

So, 18? you ask. What happens if my first book flops? Good question. The honest answer is I’ll cry, a lot, but I write because I love it. I love writing more than reading but not quite as much as I love watching TV, DVD’s, and going to the movies, but pretty damn close to that. If my first book flops, then so what! I’ve loved the time I’ve expended on the story.

I do have some knowledge and skills in writing (and quals). I have researched series in general and what works and what fans don’t like. I’ve tried to apply all that and more. I’ve sent the first book, Log 1 Matter | Antimatter, out to beta readers. But is it a good story or series? Time will tell. I do know it challenges readers in terms of our current cultural values but I’ve done that deliberately. My 18 will all be proofread — if they take off — because they need it :/

Unfortunately, I will have to return to work if I’m able and if I can’t make my career as an author — but that’s life.

That’s it. That’s Me.

Thanks for reading!

Dedicated to (in no particular order):

My fifteen-year-old dog who says, “Woof” (actually he’s snoring at the moment)

Family who are often my best and honest critics.

And a new one, to my editor and proof-reader who is probably rolling his eyes at my work (hehe)

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