Sub-Log 2

6:25:52 PM

Image ‘Nanobot x Virus’ by iDesign

I went to the movies over the weekend and watched Mockingjay Part 2. It was interesting seeing how the script was changed to suit the movie, I went to enjoy it, not to review it. But, since I just re-read the three books I was conscious of the changes. I really loved the first three movies, the fourth? I’m not actually sure. I’m certainly happy with the ending, I was a little worried they wouldn’t add the poignant, but ultimately happy, scenes at the end.

As for my own progress with writing, I was busy with researching how to write a good synopsis and there’s plenty of advice on the web. I have no idea what’s good and bad which makes me think of every other author out there trying to make decisions. We all want the best for ourselves and our stories. My only advice is to gather a lot of data, and compare it.

I’ve sent some queries off to agents and wondering at what I’m doing. I wrote to self-publish but someone suggested I just send my work out and see if I get any ‘nibbles’. I like the sense of control, over my work, doing it myself. And certainly, after writing 18 completed books in a series any changes an agent or editor wants at the start will be giving me headaches. While each book has a completed structure with its own climax, the overarching trilogy plots and series plot is carefully woven in and embedded in each book.

Anyway, I’ve been careful to write the series so it fits into a specific genre – soft science fiction – for a specific audience, but it was so tempting to break the genre rules. I look at it that it was good discipline as a writer to keep it tight, but the truth is I like genre specific science fiction. However, I like a bit of romance, action, thriller, and other in my science fiction. It can be a tricky balancing act but an important one.

Happy writing

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