Sub-Log 1

8.41.54 PM

Image ‘Mention Madness’ by Elaine via @CanStockPhoto

I’m watching Star Wars VI and I guess it’s fitting as I ready myself to launch into life as an author. I love the series, as many people do, including the fans who have created probably thousands of fan fiction stories. They were, and still are, inspired and are in turn, inspiring.

While I’m a fan of watching all kinds of science fiction, I prefer to read and write soft science fiction. I enjoy watching space opera too. I like my stories character, then plot, then action, driven. I like the science, but I don’t like it to drive my stories. However, I like to explore multi-universe theory, dimensions, phasing (physics), Black Holes, time, and many other aspects in science fiction.

I think it’s important to support all writers – published and self-published. There are a lot of great Indie Authors and stories out there. And along with stories, there are many support services such as graphic designers, editors, beta readers, and so on.

Advice for Indie Authors

At the very least you should try and have beta readers and a proofreader. If you can’t afford to pay for a proofreader then:

  1. Take a break from your work
  2. Start from the end and work to the front
  3. Make the font size BIG, so all you see is a few sentences at a time
  4. Read out loud
  5. Find a friend to read it through

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