Audio Books

I’ve decided to give audio books a go mostly because of the feedback I hear when working at the library. It’s silly of me to think that because I prefer to read that most others feel the same. There are many reasons aside from preference to why people may like to listen to a story.

My first audio book project is Magician Interrupted and is being produced by Findaway Voices. I found them via Smashwords. It’s quite exciting and I’m looking forward to hearing the first installment.

The process to date has included listening to and requesting auditions, selecting a ‘voice’ and signing a contract. I’ll keep you updated with the progress.

Other than that I’m still working on Log 5 which is leaving the log format and moving to a more traditional story – it’s the major turning point for the series. The Genocide Catalyst will become more military as it goes as the characters try to fight their way to a better life. It’s a riches to rags story overall and I hope be thought provoking regarding armies bringing peace.

Happy reading (listening)



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