Sub-Log Library

Any blog I visit I struggle to find stuff so I thought – hey, I might as well just label my stuff ‘sub-logs’ like I do for my chapter headings in my sci-fi series. This website is really just a blog for my thoughts and processes.

There’s a search for this site but here’s a list too.

Sub-Log 1

Sub-Log 2

Sub-Log 3

Sub-Log 4

Sub-Log 5

Sub-Log 6

Sub-Log 7

Sub-Log 8 What’s Your Sci-fi Hardness – a quick look at being careful when labelling your sci-fi story

Sub-Log 9 Science Fiction Spoof – complete novella available – link at top “Praeda Chronicles, Convergence Book 1” 30K word count

Hmmm, I can already see a problem with this list…but I’ll deal with it later!