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Science Fiction Fantasy

mobi version, also available in epub

47,000+ words


ISBN-10: 0-6487864-2-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-6487864-2-9

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When Envoy Lux is assigned to Rynak IV the first decision to make is whether he should take his quantum mutt, Ruff. The collie is young but obedient – so risks are minimal. And yet the last transmission from Pallo included a warning not to bring his doggy companion. Why? Lux visits the oracle, a supercilious mass of superficial quantum beings, to help make the decision but as always, they only want one thing – they want Lux to join their collective. They already have his sister Rebecca, they were not getting more. Instead, the choice is simple: go retrieve the missing envoy, who in a previous report said the inhabitants were friendly – and loved animals, and to consider trade negotiations. While Rynak has some odd planetary restrictions, Lux can escape annoying employees, expand important political contacts and look at some rocks. What can possibly go wrong? Annoying guides, wild misconceptions and spiders? But when he gets to Rynak he must battle his worst nightmare: rotten perceptions.

About the cover: “The only thing that looks right in that image is Ruff, with that smug expression,” I complained.
About the report: I promised Director Oster, “I will only add a few flourishes.”
Start. Before Mission Report. Director Designate Oster. Primary. Specialist Envoy Doctor Lux Crane will be deployed to Rynak IV to recover Pallo, Saki, Trak and Sunny. Secondary. A determination of the situation between the Northrons and Southrons is required. Final. Viability of trade negotiations. End.