Orc Interrupted (Career Interrupted Series) – mobi


Science Fiction and Military and Fantasy and Weird

mobi version, also available in epub

20,000+ words


ISBN-10: 0-0-9946483-6-5

ISBN-13: 978-0-9946483-6-5

This version should work with Kindle. Any problems with the download just contact me.


The orux … orcs, as many tend to call them, are forced into action because Paris, the magician interrupted, is dying. As the orcs put up countdown clocks to count down to Paris’s d-day, Scalice takes control and learns of the cyberly side of life, though his second-in-command tells him that it’s not a real word. Mostly he doesn’t get it. He understands wielding his sword, burping, falling in love with a shrew, drinking beer and running his pub but even he admits, at the final battle, that the laser guns aren’t too bad. He sees that Sonja, the witch interrupted, is about to explode but as long as it’s not in his office he doesn’t care. Will they save magic folk in time from the Org or will they be singing sad songs? Who knows. Who gives a shit. As long as the beer is real, and not cyberly.