Magician Interrupted (Career Interrupted Series) epub


Science Fiction and Military and Fantasy and Weird

epub version, also available in mobi

20,000+ words


ISBN-10: 0-9775729-7-8

ISBN-13: 978-0-9775729-7-7

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Where Paris comes from being a spell-caster just means being a paranormal-nerd. He sees the ads from Career Worlds and decides he’s going to become a space marine! But first, he has to get away from the Assembly who decide what magicians can and cannot do. Well, screw that!

As he breaks away he dreams of fighting … someone, defending his world against … who knows what, and body building. Paris finds life not quite what he was expecting especially when his cat, Path, joins the marines with him. This was his time to shine but the marines seem to like his cat more than him!