At school – the dorm

Swank stuffed his clothes into a soft bag along with his MP3 player, iPod, tablet and a variety of other communication devices. A couple of magazines went in. Janis and Frez came to help. They were slouching on his bed and the chair.
‘Sucks you having to go. What’ll you do on the ship?’ Janis asked, his blue eyes rolling in their sockets. He raised his legs so that his bony knees draped the arm of the chair.
Swank shrugged. ‘It’s only for a few weeks.’
‘What’s ya old man up to these days?’ Frez yawned, stretching out on the single bed. His hair, a thick, dark fuzz, was long enough to be held in a ponytail.
‘Same old. I think he said he’s writing his “memoirs”, or something.’ Swank grinned suddenly as a thought came to him.
Frez caught the smile. ‘What’cha thinking? Add something to the meemwa’s?’
‘Might do, so long the crew’s not keeping 24/7 tabs on me.’
‘Fuck. You should have your folks up for…dunno…the privacy act or somethin’.’ Janis shook his head hard enough for his long, blond hair to fall onto his shoulders.
‘What’s the point? I get pretty much everything else I want…’ he grinned as he continued saying, ‘…and everything you want.’
‘Yeh, but Swank they don’t…you know…accept the way you are.’ Frez sat up, frowning at the injustice, the ignominy.
‘Parents are parents, teachers are teachers, everyone is in their rightful place and you’re my friends and accept me. That’s enough for me.’
Janis and Frez laughed. ‘Cripes. Swank. Don’t say somethin’ like that to ‘em, they’ll have a fit.’
‘Don’t let anyone hear you use the word “cripes”, Frez.’ Swank finished stuffing his bag ignoring the smirking Janis and sheepish looking Frez. ‘Want anything while I’m gone?’
The two came out with a list of items and some cash to cover. Swank glanced over the list, handed them back the cash and fished around in his closet. He finished packing by shoving another soft empty bag into his full bag. ‘I’ll see what I can do.’ That meant he’d be able to fill their order and glancing at the grinning Janis, he knew it.
Frez looked out the small window. ‘Hey, your mum’s here.’ He glanced back. ‘Are her panties still being nicked?’
Swank’s two friends looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Swank shrugged again. ‘I’m not going to ask her, not after the last time you brought it up, subtlety is not your strong point.’
‘Swank, that kills me.’ Frez placed his tattooed hand over his chest in mock pain. ‘Karen didn’t mind me being not so subtle two nights ago.’
‘That’s because she’s a hooker, Frez.’
Frez ducked a pillow headed his way.

The teens stomped down the steps and through the main door of the dorm building. They sauntered over to the small, slender woman sitting in the yellow corvette. She smiled at the trio pulling her sunglasses over to the top of her sleek, black hair.
‘Hey, Mrs. S.’
‘How are ya, Mrs. S?’
‘Fine Janis, Frez, how have things been?’
They gave their usual monosyllabic answers.
Swank tossed his bag into the car. ‘Gotta go.’
‘Bye boys.’

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