Recycling Atomic Zombies

Ah, I just remembered what I’d forgotten in my earlier blog. Me 1. Micro-Zombies 12. My heater doesn’t seem to be making weird noises anymore, in case you’re interested. I was travelling along in life, maybe getting a bit cocky, when hubby has a scare and ends up in hospital. As primary carer I arrive and then told to disembark, because of those micro-zombies out there. I leave and return to work, slinging around books, typo-ing data (only joking (in case someone from work is reading this)). ……..ahhhhh, this wasn’t what I’d forgotten. Just remembered. Me 1. Micro-Zombies 13. Anyway, eventually he ends up in the Hospital in the Home program. Great program until your carer (me) gets infected with micro-zombies. So, I drone around, with my M-Zs in full control, disinfecting surfaces at least three times a day, wearing a mask. Yeah, great idea until I begin to think I’m actually recycling the M-Zs! Holy Crap! Now I have full blown M-Zs, m-zs, with who knows how many permutations = Mz=Zm, Mm-Zz, Mmz…. right, you get the picture.

by Tigatelu (CanStockPhoto)

Do you know how hard it is to have a M-Zs while wearing a face mask? It’s exhausting.

Oh, I had a Covid test of course – just to be sure and had a wonderful nurse who managed to make the insertions less unpleasant.

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