Atomic Zombies

So, here I am sitting and wondering what the weird noise is coming out of my beloved heater. It’s not cold per se, but comforting having the beast on. Please don’t die! I need you. Anyway, I have a virus. We’ve become best buddies for a week now. I say we’re ‘best buddies’ because I don’t want it to know I believe it’s is really microscopic zombies sucking out microscopic bits of my brain.

by tabthipwatthana (CanStockPhoto)

It’s quite possible I’ve been dumbed down by 0.2% and as they munch away at my intelligence I have a wild thought. Oh, damn. I can’t remember what it was now. Thanks micro-zombies.

I’m at home, on sick leave, hoping no one from work is reading this. But surely they’ll forgive me as the micro-zombie apocalypse is in full swing.

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