Wishy Thinking – big 0

I was watching IT Crowd again (and laughing just as much as the first time around – you know the saying, ‘small things’) and decided I don’t need any more wishy thinking (or I need more of it). If you don’t know about wishy thinking check this out Spaceology (ext link).

I seriously believed after my last post things would get better this year but it’s all just turned into a big poo. You know the type – the one that hurts on the way out. What a crap of a year. And I’ve had enough of that shit. I need to get my act together and …

As long as it doesn’t hurt. Okay. Now that’s out of my system (sorry) I’m back to wishy thinking. I was laying in bed and came to the breath-stopping moment (might have been my asthma) when I realized that I had no real goals for myself. I’ve been like an aimless slug (actually, I think slugs have aims so my illustration is just as effective as ‘yesterday’s jam’ (another IT Crowd quote)). BTW I keep being told I have eclectic tastes but that’s a nice way of saying I’m completely directionless.

eclectic – denoting or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected doctrines from various schools of thought.

Some dictionary on the web

I can’t help but feel that it wasn’t that eclectic philosophers didn’t belong but that they were like me, too lazy?, to create their own school or link in with a ‘school of thought’. However, if wishy thinking was a school of thought and I had the pretend money that the character Douglas Reynholm did (even the pension funds), count me in. (So many things wrong with this paragraph).

So. Wishy thinking. I don’t think my wishes ever came true. What a tear jerk. How does one make a wish? Squeeze it out? Plan for it? Let it happen on its own accord? (why am I thinking of poo again?). I don’t think wishes and poo actually go together. Anyway, where was I? Wishy thinking. If space is mind dust and stars are but wishes, according to GaGa Shaggy, and every star is a wish that has come true, I have contributed exactly zero to the magnificent spectre about our heads. Go me and …

I just wanted to say there were some really gross pics of poo but I decided to go with the meaningful and pretty ones. These images are from © Can Stock Photo / jstan

Bye now.

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