Away with the birds

Blue cerulean warbler song bird. Artist borojoint AKA Boyan Dimitrov

It’s my first post in what feels like ‘forever’. I was very close to packing it all in (by all I mean anything to do with creative writing, blogging, other website stuff and social media). I’m going to persist for a little while simply because it’s one of the few things in my life that I have some control over and that I can do with minimal headaches.

I was going to open with this image:

That’s me, on the left

But the image from artist Boyan Dimitrov was too lovely to pass up. To keep me working on my ‘hobby’ I’m going to blog three simple things. Work, Life and Home.

During a drizzly and cool morning, around 7.25 am, while on the way to work I was involved in a car accident. The Facebook post (by the police) mentioned that only three cars were involved, in actual fact, there were eight. I managed to stop in time but was hit from behind. This event came a month after a fall down some stairs at work on the way to the physio for treatment to my back. That same week a pinched nerve, near my spine, made an appearance after sneezing repeatedly in a freezing bathroom. Add that to a few other ongoing issues and you end up looking like the wooden mannequin on the left.

Life for me now involves trying to move without triggering off some kind of verbal expletive, or grimacing, or plain old crying, grumbling and wanting to crawl back into bed. I would try the bed but half the pains get worse as I get in, while I lie there or when I try to get out. I’d throw up my hands in disgust but they hurt the most after the car accident. I’m like the proverbial dog’s breakfast. It’s not all bad as my partner and I are buying some land, a tiny slice of Australia as my mum calls it. As long as the bank processes the final paperwork on time it’ll be sweet.

Even with all the ‘excitement’ I only had a few days off work and have to adjust my tasks often. Work has been pretty supportive. Thank goodness, because life at home, not being able to do very much, would have driven me bonkers. Okay, let me explain cause it sounds like I’m not doing much at work – if at home I’d want to write non-stop, or maybe even clean the house (na, who am I kidding?). Writers out there – you’ll know how it could get frustrating, not that I’m writing much anyway. Between work, uni and home there isn’t a lot of wordcraft happening.

Because some of the Covid restrictions had eased here in Tasmania, my writing buddy and I were able to get away for our annual writing retreat. The usual feathered friends made their appearance – red-breasted birdies, blue-tailed tiny birdies, some screeching, squawking and caw-cawing birds. I couldn’t do much writing (due to the injuries) but it was good to get away, to re-think my writing life, and decided to keep crackling on (I can’t crack on just yet), wrist splints and all. I don’t know what my life as an author will look like this year but I do know I want to enjoy it again.

Images from CanStockPhoto

Original oil painting of blue cerulean warbler song bird on canvas

Concept of health life?

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