Alien Crucible Timeline

I’m currently working on my Alien Crucible Timeline website as well as polishing off the first set of Atomic Scifi stories that come with it. I’d always wanted to have the website match the series but couldn’t quite make it happen. It’s gradually happening.

My dream was to have an interactive site but I’ve settled for a basic website format. It’ll be easier to maintain while working. There are times I just don’t know why I continue writing or working on ‘projects’ but it’s a hobby so it’s mostly only time-consuming. Yes, I suppose I could be cleaning more, or doing other essential stuff, but as far as timelines are concerned I’m on the downhill run so I may as well make the time count.

Not meaning to sound morbid here but after I die all my stuff will probably end up in the virtual dumpster rather than virtual heaven but that’s okay. It helps me get through my day.

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