Easter Monkey + Free Books

What does the Easter Monkey and free books have in common? Nothing.

I think now is a good time to offer my old books for free. At the moment they are in epub version but I will expand to include other formats. So why free? I want to give people a story that’s light, silly, different.

My only request is if you have downloaded a book of mine from Smashwords or another store please consider leaving a review, rating or even contact me direct if you didn’t like the story and don’t want to give it a poor rating. Very happy to consider perspectives on my work unless I’m in one of my ‘don’t care’ moods.

So folks. It’s Easter, we can’t go anywhere (I don’t count shopping for essentials as going out), and I hope the Easter Monkey remembers social distancing.

Life Today

I’ve never seen so many people out exercising! I’ve forgotten what toilet paper looks like on the shelf. I can’t clean the house as there’s no cleaning products (laughing in glee on the inside).

Life Tomorrow

Who knows!

Watch out for monkey poo.

© Can Stock Photo / Krisdog (monkey)

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