Meh to eh

This was my long weekend:-

Withdraw all my books from Smashwords, Amazon etc.

Change name to my real name on each cover and while I was there change the entire cover

Update the front and back matter and may as well do some other tweaking

Import each document into Vellum and format (so much easier this way) – but Vellum is only a Mac product

Buy new ISBNs even though ebooks don’t need it I prefer to have them

Make each old version book inactive in Thorpe-Bowker and prepare to set up for new versions

Once in Thorpe-Bowker I realised I may as well set up for print versions of everything so I can peddle my works in the flesh – why should my virtual self have all the fun?

Note Thorpe-Bowker mention IngramSpark – better take a look

Play with the covers again and make new big and small versions (should have waited until I was really happy with them) – have sneaking suspicion I will have too many different versions in the same ‘new’ folder. Solution make ‘new new’ folder.

Research other ways to print and promote and advertise

Ah, some spare time – take a gander at my monster scifi series and try to work out a way to rescue characters from my stupidity – sorry guys and gals

Where I’m at – another tweak at a cover after work, check my formatting in Vellum, do another ‘generate’ files, and hopefully upload new covers and books this week after work

Note – keep a record of what org I’m using to distribute and who the end suppliers are

Next – make those print versions and assign barcodes and add them to covers (which I did have the foresight to prepare on the long weekend)

Yikes. I see how I wrote in the wrong tense, evidently I’m not over the weekend.

How was your weekend?


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