DUMB Goals for Twitter 2020

DUMB Goal for 2020

Twitter – monthly DUMB Goals

  • Guess the genre
  • Say My Name – this will be an author, songwriter … maybe, or a poet
  • What Am I? – guess the narrative container
  • It’s Personal – something uninteresting about me
  • Protag or Antag? – you work it out

How’s it stacking up against my anti-resolution? Let’s see:

D is for dim – (I should have added ‘witted’ after ‘dim’) – but I’m not stating when I’ll upload the above

U is for unrealistic – yep, another plan that will fail

M is for messed up – it’s definitely mental to think I will do all this

B is for beach comber – my back up plan

Overall Dumbity – five items per month (most months have 4 weeks if you need me to point that out) so dumbity is high.

Tick. It stacks up.

Blue Bird  (c) Can Stock Photo / brux

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