Old Year’s Irresolution – DUMB Goals

Meaning of ‘irresolution’:- hesitant, indecisiveness, ambivalence, plain old lazy

Okay, maybe one of those things doesn’t really belong but truthfully I didn’t achieve very much in terms of writing or associated goals last year. Oh yeah, there was work, study and having far too many colds and flu’s and other crap stuff that happens in life. There was good stuff too but who wants to listen to that? This post isn’t a whinge but it’s not a pat on the back either. Starting backwards I left the old year with a sore throat, sneezing and running nose and entered the new year with gritty eyes and coughing. Yay me. During the year I intended to finish and publish my novella. At the start of the 2019 year I had wanted to do two novellas – one finished and one maybe at first draft and a whole swag of short stories plus a more organised social media approach. I’d even considered Facebook again. The new year’s 2018 old resolution failed.

This year I didn’t even bother to make plans though it may have been the snotty tissues, streaming eyes and midnight dripping/coughing/frustration.

I digress.

Having learned a valuable lesson from all previous years sucky resolutions (lesson: – don’t make resolutions) I’ve decided to go with the snotty flow and suck it up. Sorry? Did that make you feel ill? Basically, I’m embracing the old year’s irresolution… No, I’m rejecting the old year’s… No, after the year’s new year’s resolution – who knows what I mean. But, I’m setting DUMB Goals. Will let you know how it goes.

Hope you had a great New Year.


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