Change Isn’t Always Bad

So, I’m back working full-time and to be honest I’m happier than before. I’ve been working a long time (over 30 years) and loved the sabbatical of 2 years to write full-time. It was an additional year before I found work so while I was still writing and editing full-time I was working relief shifts and applying for jobs.

I’ve shunted my writing back to ‘hobby’ and not feeling too bad about that. It means I’ll be putting up a lot more for free and re-purposing much of my current work.

Here’s some other stuff on repurposing

So, I have plans for my storytelling!

Firstly, I’m going to kick off on Wattpad again (

Secondly, use this platform more for short stories and especially moving my ‘Virtual Writer’ business here. Lots of tips, tricks and free lessons!

And reenergizing things back on Twitter – one of my fave’s.

I may crawl back to Facebook too but will have to think on time restraints.

Anyway, that’s it.

Keeping writing and reading.

PS. My current read is Martina Cole’s ‘Broken’ 2nd in the DI Kate Burrows Trilogy. Though I’m also reading  Danger’s Race by Amanda Carlson (and Prince by Rory Clements). But I’m dying for another decent scifi and or fantasy series!

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