The Tide Has Turned

I’m working on the last parts of this novel when I can and thankfully did most of the main work before I returned to full-time work. While it is a part of a series it can be read as a stand-alone. Just know that there’s an overarching plot but it’s long drawn until the last couple of books. I made sure when planning the series that each book has its own plot.

Anyway, how was your holiday season? Here in Australia it was warm but not hot as it sometimes is. As a child growing up and spending many xmas eve gatherings I remember sweat, long days and the smells of good food. To compensate my grandmother and grandfather used to draw thick drapes to try and make it darker and put the aircon on, closing all other doors. I still remember the glittering lights and presents, excitement building. I jokingly told someone at work recently that because my family was dysfunctional we made a big deal with gifts. Yes, it may seem a sad state of affairs but I loved it LOL.

My current read is by Rory Clements, Matyr, book 1 in the John Shakespeare series. Odd reading for a science fiction writer? Maybe, but I enjoy historical mysteries and thrillers to break up the routine. I almost stopped reading it (not quite CJSansom) but persisted and see it improving. Looking ahead the next books in the series seem to improve in reviews. I don’t put a lot of stock in reviews but seeing an increase with each book I think is encouraging.

Keep plodding on with your writing and keep reading.


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