Image © Can Stock Photo / Alexmit (Marketing in the Movement)

We all have our weaknesses, archenemies, antagonists and mine, I believe, is marketing.

The truth is I know what I need to do and I question why I don’t do it. I’ve written my books using my writing skills and experiences, created covers and applied my graphic design skills and even used social media. But I can’t seem to apply the process to marketing my stuff. Could it be that deep down I don’t believe in my own work? I know I can research how to market, get help and then write up a business plan so I really do have to reflect a little as to what is stopping me.

Belief in ourselves, especially as artists, writers and musicians, is hard because of the nature of the work we do. There are bits of ourselves in our work, we invest a lot of personal energy, that make us vulnerable. I have a feeling if I changed my approach and wrote with a business perspective that I’d have no issues with marketing and putting myself and my work ‘out there’. But am I then being true to my passion and goals as a writer?

I know there’s a balance I need to find and it’s part of the journey we all need to juggle, fiddle and manipulate. I guess I’m just not as ready as I thought to give myself over to the craft. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out before I die.

On that cheery note,

Write on.


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