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Since I’m in Australia Halloween has burnt out but I thought I’d use the theme for this dreadful blog anyway. I’m annoyed at myself again, one for missing Halloween and two, for not blogging regularly, cobwebs are dusty. I don’t want to drown people but I do want squishy fresh material to howl about and to show people I’m not dead, rotting in a grave with wraiths beckoning me to join them. This brings me to the specter of time and how to present material for both the blood thirsty reader and spell casting writer. Hopefully you’ve picked up on one solution and that is to write by example. Hint: think of this devilish theme. I’m searching of unearthly ways that I may dig out the brains from my skull to present them to you and one saying comes to mind – keep it simple stupid – KISS my arse.

Blood thirsty readers…

On the tombstones are words where I beckon you to consider what I have on offer. Or you may consider this coffin where I hide stories in the shadows. Here is a hash of a drabble:

My soul is black. I am more evil than you deem. For eons the evil has been a veil for the putrid thoughts that linger in my mind. It is my time to lift the veil to show you that there is greater evil than the combined evil of humankind. Your fear, anger and rebelliousness does only fuel my joy. The potion of life festers in the depths so why do you deny my very existence? Look into the mirror. Free me now.

My cemetery

That link will carry you away on a broomstick to the mausoleum of my stories in the Amazonian jungles.

Spell casting writers…

Making time to cast your evil words is a necessity in today’s cauldron of hell. We must frighten ourselves, threatening with ghastly promises of torture if we do not lay down the very things that tear the fabric of society. We want to hear the bloodcurdling screams of those who are torn apart by our spells, see the grisly remains of those left in our wake of words and finally, taste the flesh and blood of wicked readers who would rob us of our souls. Your goal should always be to thrill those blood thirsty wretches.



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