Decision Making for IAs

It took me a long time to decide to change over to the new cover but by the time I reached Log 5 I knew it needed the move. The series has a dark element to it so this cover reflects that more so than the other.

Working on marketing and making design decisions are both incredibly hard when you are an Independent Author, not to mention writing the thing in the first place, going through the editing process, and producing your novel or similar. But this isn’t a complaint as it’s my choice to write. It’s simply that like with all work there are challenges. Sometimes those challenges aren’t intellectual – they are physical and or mental. I wanted to make sure my move to the new cover wasn’t emotional!

I’m also writing a new genre mix – erotic comedy. So, I’m faced with another decision. Should I use my pen name or choose another for this adventure? Well, I’ve decided to use the same name because I don’t think I’ve got a lot to lose at this point in my career. I’ll tell you later if it works or not.

Mum wants me to do a picture book to go with Alien Crucible – that’s quite a good idea so I’ve added it to my list. I do have a lot of images which I was going to put on my website but I may do a print book as well.

The social media side of things is time consuming which is why I keep to twitter. I don’t use it for promotion though I will keep tweeps up to date there. I don’t do enough here or with Facebook so I’m in trouble with that side of things.

The important thing is that I continue to do the thing I love.

And that makes me feel pretty lucky.

That’s it.




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