Sub-Log 2017/03/21


I’m finally putting the finishing touches to the Logs Compendium that covers Log 1 – Log 3. It will act as a refresher or a bridge to Log 4 which I have just released. I’ll add some links to Log 4 shortly.

Character or Place Feature Within the Alien Crucible Series

Prince Bel Valdain

Bel is a character who simmers in the background. He is mentioned in most logs and will rise to more prominence as more logs are released. He is the son of Queen Valdain, enemy to Ara. But Bel is friend to Ara, works with a Sarington named ‘Grewt’ who is a techrat, and is loyal to her cause. Here is short piece I deleted from Log 1 involving Ara meeting Bel with a few modifications to explain some of the terms.

Ara left the hot party room of King Slavian who was good friends to Queen Valdain, Bel and Jadan’s mother, after hours of dancing and enjoyed the cool air. His palace was full of domes, rounded structures, gardens set out like mazes, and he loved recreation…

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The Story Factory

Show and Tell 2 – excerpt from Demon Runner Book 1

Using fiction work, mostly from my own collection, I’m going to show vs. tell because it’s really okay to use either. Both show and tell have a place in fiction depending on your style of writing and your story objectives. Demon Runner is Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering.

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Alien Crucible

Some tasters from the Alien Crucible series, a glossary term and an image. Woot.

Side stories that go with AC which will be compiled into one work. This story ‘Blackbirds’ is connected to all 18 logs

And When They Were 136/137

Ara and Caleb sat side by side unable to speak.

Overhead birds sung trying to attract suitable mates while others squawked warnings and one really maddening bird chose a repetitive noise that sounded like “wark sak”.

“That’s really annoying, Ara.” Caleb glared up at the dark, lone bird sitting not far from them on a single branch low in the tree. “We’re trying to do something really poignant here.”

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Lone Creature – Flash Fiction (the 1000 word story)


It had begun as a regular day out.

You know the kind. Shopping. I was excited as I headed through town on the auto walk-rail. The day was sunny, the sky was clear. I was even wearing my new tight outfit and kept my hair long and loose. While others stood around sedately gazing at the passing marvels of our city surrounded by trees and plants reflecting lights from the morning rays, I pounded on the walkway in my high heels keen to reach my friends. Unused to such vigorous activity, many glanced my way wondering what the emergency was. All they saw was cleavage and long legs. I grinned.

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Stories by me for all occasions. This wacky pirate story was made for uni while I was doing my Master of Arts (Writing). It’s supposed to be clickable so you can read it in a linear fashion or move from character to character at the same time. I’ll start putting it up here and compile it into the clickable story.

Swackle: The Crewman

New Start

When he had applied for the position advertised as ‘The Crewman’, Jim knew something was a little strange about the whole affair. He was told only what he needed to know, had to keep his nose out of the business and had to be prepared for anything.

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POV distinctions

Rather than just tell you I’m going to show you and will use the same piece as early March so you may compare if you wish. Before I do here’s another thought:

I felt scared

My body was tense, my hands shook

Some say not to use ‘I felt scared’ version but again there is a reason why you might. One is that ‘I felt scared’ is clear and to the point while the other relays, that is ‘shows’, body reactions but leaves some room for interpretation because people experience fear in different ways, they may react differently. As a writer you must ask yourself do you want it to be succinct to move the story along fast, or do you want to immerse the reader. Best is to combine both versions to keep the reader engaged and to keep the pace fast.

Science Fiction

First Person – close

Paul and I hovered on the spacepad, looking out to the lush surroundings beyond the spaceport. I unclenched my fists trying to appear relaxed…

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