Sub-Log 2017/03

New Format for 2017 (gorgeous sketch by ErikaVasos

Character or Place Feature Within the Alien Crucible Series

The Planet of Law

In Log 1 Matter | Antimatter the Planet of Law becomes the center of attention when Pure-Gens (Aryans with high matter and energy levels) are called to make a vote. It is due to matter levels that have continued to rise in Iota space and need to be dealt with. The Planet of Law is situated in the Cradle, above normal space, in another dimension. Only Pure-Gens can survive in this dimension.

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The Story Factory

Using fiction work, mostly from my own collection, I’m going to show vs. tell because it’s really okay to use either. Both show and tell have a place in fiction depending on your style of writing and your story objectives.

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Alien Crucible

Some tasters from the Alien Crucible series, a glossary term and an image. Woot.

Side stories that go with AC which will be compiled into one work. This story is connected to all logs but begins at Log 1 Matter | Antimatter

Blackbirds 421/422

A war had raged inside Ara.

She did not fully understand the overwhelming feelings even now. On one hand she had wanted to give in and yell at him, hurt him like he did her, and never see him again. On the other hand, she felt deep compassion, an unfathomable depth of benevolence and wisdom that came from the ages.

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Lone Creature – Drabble (the 100 word story)

The Foolish King

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Stories by me for all occasions. This wacky pirate story was made for uni while I was doing my Master of Arts (Writing). It’s supposed to be clickable so you can read it in a linear fashion or move from character to character at the same time. I’ll start putting it up here and compile it into the clickable story.


The Teen

At school – the dorm

Swank stuffed his clothes into a soft bag along with his MP3 player, iPod, tablet and a variety of other communication devices. A couple of magazines went in. Janis and Frez came to help. They were slouching on his bed and the chair.
‘Sucks you having to go. What’ll you do on the ship?’ Janis asked, his blue eyes rolling in their sockets. He raised his legs so that his bony knees draped the arm of the chair.

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POV distinctions

Rather than just tell you I’m going to show you.

Science Fiction

First Person – distant

Paul and I hovered on the spacepad, looking out to the lush surroundings beyond the spaceport…

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