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I know we are getting close to Xmas and the New Year but I won’t belabor what is already labored!

I’ve reached the end of my full-time writing life and back to study – Logistics – so I can get back into the real world. Earning money again has appeal and engaging with real people. Characters are cool and everything but I can’t help feel the conversations were somewhat manipulated and controlled by me not to mention from my point of view :p


I’ve decided to release Log 4 and the Compendium (Logs 1-3) in January 2017 since I’ve released three books in the Alien Crucible series already this year, along with two books in the Career Interrupted series, and re-vamped Kingdoms Away in two books. I need to reflect on what I’ve done rather than keep surging ahead. I forget to do that.

Alien Crucible  (website in new window).

I had made some changes to my social media stuff deciding to remove my Lone Creature alter ego but I’m placing the stories here under the ‘Lone Creature’ tab at the top. I lost some posts when changing from the website back to this blog by WordPress but I’m not unhappy with the move. I want to spend the reduced moments in time writing and not computering.

Overall, life has been interesting this year.

Yep. That’s almost all I have to say about that except that I’ve come out of it stronger, fitter and less determined than ever *laughing here. My life was touched to the degree my epicenter changed.

I’m looking forward to writing some shorter pieces again, along with continuing to work on the AC series, CI series, and finalizing the KA series.

I hope this year was kind to you or you were able to return in kind.


S. V. Brown

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