Sub-Log 15

Tip 5 for Writers

I’m going to pose a question here for you to think about and I’ll expand upon the idea in the next sub-log.

How do you, as a writer, develop characters to act naturally within an imaginary world especially when that world sits outside your experience?

Tip 5 for Writing

This quote is from some time ago but still interesting I thought.

“Reading is the other side of writing. It is to writing what hearing is to speaking. Sometimes we don’t really hear what people are telling us. Or vice versa. This applies to reading as well. There may be times when what we think we are reading is not what was written at all.”

I often talk about perceptions and how our culture, experiences, personal values, ideologies etc. act like a filter to our reading, and of course, for our writing. When we write through these filters we have to remember our readers are applying their own filters. It is unlikely what we write will be read exactly how we intended. The relationship between writer and reader is complex but not impossible to find common ground. And just think, when you are writing about a character in another culture, especially in the science fiction or fantasy genres, how the complexity increases and it becomes even more important to find some familiar ground.

Blog Bits

Log 1 Matter | Antimatter has been up now for two weeks and I’m pleased with the number of downloads. It’s free so it helps and I’m sure most read the sample bits first. I’m not concerned about reviews mainly because if you look at famous published authors, who sell millions of books, their reviews vary and there is a very small percentage who review on these authors!

My advice to new authors, especially indie authors, is not to be too hung up on reviews or ratings. But, I’m in the minority I’m sure. If you feel too down about it, just take a look at some famous authors and check out the quality of the reviews given to them and the quantity.

Log 2 Pass | Fail is being edited/proofread and I’m working on polishing Log 3 Order | Disorder. These three make up the First Bone of Contention – Alien Anchorage.

While I’m working on my Alien Crucible series I’m ready to have Kingdoms Away proofed and will upload that to Smashwords, Amazon, and Draft2Digital. It was my first novel and when I wrote it I only intended to prove to myself that I could actually finish something :p I’ve divided it into five novellas and replaced some material that I originally took out.

That’s it for now,

Happy reading and writing

S. V. Brown

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