Sub-Log 9

Praeda Chronicles – A SciFi Spoof 3:29:02 PM Image by Me

I wrote this story five years ago. It’s a tongue in cheek science fiction inspired after I watched Lord of the Rings. I thought to myself, “What would happen if the orcs won?” and “What happened to the orcs who ran away?” I began to think of a philosophical orc as I watched Memoirs of a Geisha (yes, it was soon after watching Lord of the Rings). And wow, I put two and two together :p

I always meant to have it for free, and had put it up on Wattpad recently. But, I pulled it down from WP and decided to try it again on my own website as a gift for my future readers – this way you don’t have to sign up for yet another site. Anyway, I hope you enjoy a bit of wackiness.

If you want to read it the link is above in the top menu. Warning – adult content and it was one of my early pieces.

S. V. Brown

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