Sub-Log 6

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We are almost in the New Year – 2016.

This will be my last post of the year, but I received news that my books for my beta readers arrived today. When I pick them up from Australia Post, I’ll distribute them and wait for the feedback.

My ‘write, laugh, cry’ motto on my LC account isn’t just about the writing process and the emotions that may be felt by the author while being creative and going on a journey with the characters, but also about the process that occurs after the creative stage is done.

Some authors may choose to ignore the beta reader phase, but for me I’m interested in improving my work before releasing it.  You can do this ‘improving’ without the beta reader phase, but it’s the best option for me. Of course, everyone has a a point of view, but I’m experienced enough that I can determine what is ‘personal preference’ for advice that will improve the story. I know I can’t please everyone, but beta readers will pick up the things I’m missing – major plot holes, horrible characters (that I may love), and so on.  I’m looking at it as a maturing stage. Most of my beta readers either read a lot, and fast, or they are interested in the science fiction genre.

When I received my novel in book form (proof copy) it was interesting to me that as I read the printed version (hard copy) I began to read it as a reader.  And the things I picked up already! Yes, I may cry when I receive the feedback, but I hope to laugh, and the re-write too.

I hope you read/write into the New Year, or party, or whatever makes you happy, or whatever you choose to do.

Cheers all,

Selina x

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