Sub-Log 5

7:21:55 PM Image by Dr. Andrew Cole, University of Tasmania, Australia, H127 Telescope

This image is the NGC 1851 globular cluster in the constellation Columba.

It reminds me of cluster of authors, each glowing with their finished works, wanting to share their stories, perhaps competing a little, definitely supporting each other, and hopefully making a little money along the way.

Is it enough in life to settle for a small portion and huddle together, burning brightly as a consociation?


We can’t all be bright stars, Class O that are very hot and extremely luminous, and I suspect many of us don’t want that. I’ve read over twenty five indie novels now in the last two years and I think I’ve only found a couple that missed their potential.

I’ve always loved the concept of seeing the diamond in the rough. It’s an oldie but goody. However, it’s the responsibility of the author to take their work to the highest level that they can, and for me, that means at the least a proofreader 🙂


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