Sub-Log 4

11:05:25 AM Image by Spectral

Well, I’ve opened up my twitter and wordpress regarding ‘Alien Crucible’, my 18 log soft science fiction series. It’ll be a slow process building it up, and takes away from my writing time, but I want to share my story. Of course Log 1 Matter | Antimatter will be released next year and I’m aiming for my birthday – 1st March.

I seem to be on the road to self-publishing my work. I guess I like the control I have over the ‘Alien Crucible’ package and it’s not about the big money that was the draw for me (laughing here at my fame and riches vacillations), but about just making a living. And to make a living I need to think about marketing and selling myself (a thing I’m not good at).

I also struggled with the business end because it detracts from the creative phases but I’ll suck it up like everyone else who is trying to carve a little bit out of the big creative text pie.

Happy holidays everyone! (if you don’t get any holidays, I still send warm greetings)


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